​​​​​​Are you a Referee or Official in soccer, football, hockey or other sport? Would you like to communicate like the pros to help make your officiating become more efficient? Then fill out a quote on the quote page for Official to Official (O2O) products and I will get back to you. Vokkero is the manufacture that most of the PRO Soccor officials utilize from across Europe to the USA. Vokkero also is the exclusive manufacture of (O2O) for the PRO Football Leaugue officials and their system is used for all games to assist with smoother communication amongst other officials on the field to others in a booth along with league headquarters for replay and other needs. 

New 2017 PRO Football Version Coming Next Month!! Green Go is the official coach to coach (C2C) headset provider of the Proffesional Football League with product engineered using the latest technology available. Green Go has worked with the PRO League and developed a state of art system at a very affordable price. Fill out a quote and you will see how affordable a top rated C2C system can be!!

Telex is a leader in intercom systems and the manufacture for the Footballs first Coach to Coach C2C) system. They have multiple UHF options that can provide solid communications for coaches across the country. They also provide an excellent headset that is of top quality and sells at a very affordable price, and comes in single and double ear.